From Our Founder...

June 2024

Dear Musicianly Community,

I’m thrilled to share our ambitious vision for Musicianly. We are harnessing the power of our proprietary FretboardGPS to build an innovative platform that will revolutionize music learning and composition. One of our goals is to integrate the precision of algorithms within an AI environment, providing unique solutions that simplify guitar mastery and inspire creativity. We’re also developing a social platform for songwriters, aiming to connect and support musicians worldwide. Our ultimate goal is to offer unparalleled guidance, creative tools and community.

Thank you for your interest and support!

Warm regards,
Scott Quillin
Founder of Musicianly


“My entire life, people have been asking me if something like this exists, and my answer has always been no. Until now.”
Don Ross
Guitar Virtuoso and Composer
“WOW! This is really amazing! Having a FretboardGPS will help a lot of guitar players.”
Danny Gill
Monster Guitarist and Instructor at Lick Library
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